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The goal, the very heart of the JustOne Ministry is to bring the body of Christ into unity, learning what that looks like weather helping the church set up worship teams and how to come together through personal relationships with each member of the team or teaching what a relationship looks like in the worship team. In today’s society we are concerned with many things and we start to look at ministry as a duty, rather than a love affair with our Lord. The expression of that love takes many shapes within a worship team. JustOne teaches the members how to develop a personal lasting relationship with each member of the team, therefore loving, acting and allowing the Holy Spirit to flow through them as One Mind, One Heart, One Body. Only then can we truly be in the very presence of God during worship. Learning to worship as One is a very difficult task for some worship team members, since the team acts as separate individuals instead of acting as One. This can only be accomplished when each member is in total fellowship with the other team members as we attempt to be in fellowship with Christ through our worship. It is a total commitment of oneself to the whole of the team. Understanding that worship is to our Lord, not to each other. It’s not what we look like or how good we play our music, what matters is the hearts of the players. It’s a heart thing. How can the congregation enter into worship when the worship team is acting as separate individuals? Nothing gives praise and honor to our Lord as much as when all hearts are functioning as One lifting their gifts up to a Holy God.

It is the heart of JustOne Ministries to come to your church and worship with and for you. Our heart is to assist you in your walk, whatever season your walk with God is in. We offer three avenues of teaching:

  1. To come and worship:
    • JustOne Worship Team will come and praise with you and your congregation or outreach event.
  2. To Teach:
    • We offer a teaching course consisting of the necessary steps to achieve unity in the body or how to develop lasting relational fellowships with your sisters and brothers in your congregation and each other within the worship team.( minimum time needed three days or up to six weeks)
  3. Build a Worship Team:
    • We can assist you in building a praise team from your congregation using the gifting that are available within your church body.
  4. Sound Training In:
    • Church sound reinforcement
    • Sound system design and setup
    • Training for sound personnel

Note: We understand that each church has different needs. It is crucial to the success of your worship team, and to us, that we meet with your church Leadership (Worship Leader and Pastor) to develop not only a startup relationship, but to develop a sense of the season that both your church and Worship Team are in, our intent is to encourage and love you in whatever season God has placed you.

Our service to Christ through you. Allow JustOne Ministries to walk with you as we walk together with Christ.


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