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The "JustOne" worship team is an outreach praise and worship team with it's roots in Ridgecrest, Ca. with its affiliate, Higher Ground Sound Ministries, of Ridgecrest, Ca. under the leadership of Minister Walter Overstreet. It is based on the belief that our brother's and sister's needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. We seek to build lasting relationships with each of you through fellowship and praise.

We would welcome the opportunity to praise and worship with you. We strive through the power of God's Holy Spirit to lift and encourage you in your walk through the medium of music and the spoken word.

We would love to come and worship with you at your church or special event. Contact us.


The"JustOne" outreach group is a ministry of worship and the spoken word. We have been brought together having shared the same heart, mind, soul. The ministry is covered by Higher Ground Sound Ministries, a registered non- profit religious organization, under Minister Walter (Pops) Overstreet. Our sole purpose is to go into all Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem to spread the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to fulfill what God has called us to do. We do this through the shapes God has given us, mainly worship and praise music. Our teachings are not doctrinal. It is teaching the importance of having relationships with each other, as taught by Paul the Apostle and the Lord Jesus Himself. We use our lives as examples, in that we are comprised of four different church family’s. We are grounded in the truth of God's Holy Word, of sharing each others joys and burdens, holding one other accountable sewing God’s word in each others hearts with LOVE. You will not see or hear a performance, but rather an expression of the lessons we have learned in our lives. As we pray with you, we want to encourage you right where God has you at that very moment in time. We are reminded of the early church and how believers gathered together in small home groups and learned about each other in a more intimate setting, encouraging and lifting each other up. Our goal is not to preach, but to teach, to pass on what we have leaned from our elders that have gone before us. Though it is true that we come with a powerful worship and praise ministry of music and song in our hearts, our music and praise is a mere extension or vehicle of Gods mighty word.

Our roots are in Ridgecrest, California and Durango, Co.

"JustOne" History

2001 Ridgecrest California, the birth of "JustOne" worship team began. Five brothers and one sister came together from three different churches with a burning desire to bring together our church community, to tell them that God loves all of us, and we are not divided in his eyes. In a small town of approx. 30,000, we could not understand why there were so many divisions among the Body of Christ. It was easy to meet other folks from differing congregations in our daily lives and get along great. But there did not seem to be a community of churches, a UNITY in the churches holding hands in the fight against the Prince of the Air. We learned of the Body of Christ in our messages through the Holy Spirit each Sunday morning, but it seemed to be short lived in our daily routines. As we came together, the six of us, we spent a great deal time in prayer, along with a great struggle of personality differences, not to mention religious flavors. There was one thing we came to understand, we didn't know each other on a deep and personal level. A few understood that we where not talking about going camping, or burning hot dogs on the camp fire. But that we needed to seek a more personal and relational bond. We soon found out that we did not know each other as close as we thought. As God started opening our eyes to the ministry he had set before us, it became very difficult, because we had to accept each other right where God had us. We had to learn the true meaning of the word Grace and forgiveness; we only understood this after a great deal of time and being perfectly honest with ourselves and each other. We traveled to different churches and the power of the Holy Spirit was upon us in the praise and worship we brought. But we came to understand there was a greater message, more than all the great music we could play. The music did not make who we were in him. You see the greater lesson is learning to lead relationally, knowing the seasons and times of each others lives and then accepting them in their season. If you take away the instruments and talent God gave us, you still only have just our flesh, six sinners in need of grace, forgiveness and a loving Savior. We believe teaching Unity in the Body through fellowship (relationships) is what God is seeking to teach all of us, to value each other with honor, to love one another and to accept each other in the season God has placed us.


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